About us

The label:

The helenryan label started in 2007 and has developed into a niche alternative label with a strong following. Proudly sitting outside the general clothing trends, it has a real gothic, punk, edgy and rebellious feel.

Having had a store in Raumati Beach, the label is now exclusively online.

Often several years ahead of trends, helenryan seeks to push the limits and introduce new ways of wearing and designing garments – whilst ALWAYS ensuring quality, total wearability and easy garment care.

The designer:

Growing up in an inventive family in the dramatic landscape of the South Island, Helen’s references to shape and silhouette come through.

Since she was 16 Helen has always sought a real different look. In designing and making her own clothes her goal was always for her Dad to say when she going out “what on earth are you wearing”, if he said “oh you look nice” – it was back to change!!

After a long corporate career, Helen returned to her passion in 2007, and hasn’t looked back.

You’ll see in Helen’s garments, a real focus on geometry where she’ll play with shapes, proportions, and draping, with a distinctive silhouette being a key feature of her garments. She also loves the interplay of movement of the body with the changing shape of the garments as you walk stand, walk, or sit.

As a science lover, Helen’s collections will often reference inventive people or discoveries.

For example Helen’s 2016 collection – the Waves of Gravity – was inspired by the extraordinary discovery of the gravitational waves that exist around black holes, thus celebrating this immensely important discovery of the LIgo project and the Kiwis involved. The Discovery Dress from this collection is plain at the front (pre-discovery) then at the back are the ‘waves’ which form the critical silhouette when the dress is worn and moved in.

helenryan fashion designer nz Helen with one of our gorgeous models!

Your stress- free wardrobe:

Of utmost importance to Helen is having a stress-free and ultra-comfortable wardrobe, so above all else – you love what you wear.

As the starting point she has developed two core garments - the BFF pants and the Tee.

You then simply add a statement and overdress/skirt/top/shorts – easy as! Garnish with Dr Martens and you are set to rock!

Helen is also known for her stunning jackets and coats. A gorgeous jacket or coat that says something about you, will last you for years - feel fabulous when the weather is not!  

So free yourself from the hours of frustrating shopping and deciding what to wear - get yourself a pair of BFF pants, a tee, a statement jacket, then you only need a couple of extra pieces to layer up – and you’re done!

Enjoy feeling fabulous and different from the masses!

 Helen having fun at the beach!