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EXHIBITION: The Intellectual Fashion Show 2016 - Auckland

There's a fantastic NZ fashion exhibition coming up in Auckland 8th October - 5th November, at the Gus Fisher Gallery. The exhibition is "The Intellectual Fashion Show 2016". In 1999, fashion director of Vogue Paris, noted the remarkable difference between New Zealand and Australian fashion, saying “New Zealanders have a darker outlook, less show-offy, more intellectual”. Go to for full info. 

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First post

Welcome to our new site! It's been along time coming and we'll continue to tweek and make your online experience as great as possible. This site is for you so we really want to hear from you - what you think of the site, what you like, don't like, new ideas for us, what things you'd like to see on our site and any other comments - please send us all your thoughts! Thank you so much, Helen Ryan

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